about me

Welcome to my portfolio and contact site. I am the owner of Star Mountain, Design For Web Ltd and a recent graduate of the Web Design and Content Planning Master's Degree programme at the University of Greenwich. I am primarily based in London, UK with periods of time spent in my native New York, USA.

Lauren Sternberg

Prior to changing careers, I was a New York City Public Schools teacher for 10 years. I have an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from New York University (NYU). My first Master's Degree (required for my permanent teaching certification) was in Applied Psychology (Counselling), also from NYU.

I began dabbling in web design throughout my career as a teacher, and would create websites for my classroom that could be used by parents and students. After leaving teaching, I revamped the website for my family's home improvement business in New York which confirmed that web design was something I felt passionate about, and a career I wanted to pursue.

To contact me about potential projects, work, and otherwise, please utilise this form or email me directly.

Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript

Skills: UX, UI, WordPress, Social Media, SEO